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Main » 2009 » August » 6 » DVJ Bazuka-Play with me
7:42 AM
DVJ Bazuka-Play with me

Дууны үг:

Ring around the rosie 
Hopscotch, Monopoly 
Red light, green light 
G. I. Joes and Barbies 
Hide and seek, kick the can 
Cowboys and Indians 
Wiffle ball, paper dolls 
Hacky sack and hangman 

Do you wanna play with me 

Tag you're IT, cops and robbers 
Jungle gym, chutes and ladders 
Tic tac toe, Mister Rogers 
Marco Polo, London bridges 
Simon sez, steal the bacon 
Time out, trick or treat 
Electric company 
Olly olly oxen free 

Do you wanna play with me 

Do you, do you 
Wanna, wanna 
Play, play with me 
Play with me 
Do you, do you 
Wanna, wanna 
Play, play with me 
Play with me 

Spin the bottle, post office 
Kiss and tell, dressin' up 
Playin' doctor, peek-a-boo 
Two hand touch, cooties 
Little League, Looney Tunes 
Scissors rock paper, Zoom 
Kick ball, stick ball 
Kill the guy with the ball 

Do you wanna play with me 

Buckin' up, recess 
Jump rope, relieveo 
See saw, sand box 
Matchbox, Cheerios 
ABC's, spelling bees 
Sesame Street, hockey 
Duck duck duck duck goose 


Jack and Suzi sittin' in a tree 
First comes love 
Then comes marriage 
Then comes Adam 
In a baby carriage


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